Happy Valentines Day Letter

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One morning I was lying in bed and talking to my wife about Annie’s Blog and mentioned that the Dear Santa Letter is surprisingly still being searched for and visited months after Christmas. Then my wife asked me, why don’t you write a Valentines’ letter for Annie? My first thought was, she is just sarcastic because I spend so much time with Annie. Maybe more time than I should. Then she said,” You love Annie, don’t You?”.

So after a little forth and back with that Idea. I concluded that a bit of humour and fun in the middle of a cold February might not be a bad idea. So I decided to go ahead and write a Valentines’ Letter to Annie.

But I better make sure I got something for my wife as well. Otherwise, I get to sleep in the crate, and Annie gets to sleep on the bed..Grin.

Happy Valentine Annie

The first time I met you, it was clear that you are unique, interesting, loveable, charming and Beautiful. Ever since we moved in together, my life has changed in ways I could never have imagined. Our daily walks are inspiring. Walking with You has helped me understand You better. On a good day, we don’t need words to communicate. A glance at one another is all that is necessary. That is how well we are in tune.

And I must admit, You look so elegant with that black winter coat that has reflectors on it. I know, You are not as fond of it as I’m. But You look so classy with that coat on as You trot home.

I love how in the morning you give me a gentle nudge with Your nose to wake me. And I want You to know, I admire and appreciate Your patience while You quietly wait for me to get ready. The best mornings are when I come in the living room, and You are lying with Your back on the floor wiggling around. I kneel beside You and put my head on Your chest. With my left hand, I touch Your head. With the right hand, I rub Your tummy. As we frolicked on the floor, You try to lick my hair. We have a lot of fun doing that till You sneeze twice, then we are ready for our morning walk.

After coming home from shopping, there is nothing more rewarding than to be greeted with Your kidney dance. The jumping and turning in mid-air is so heartwarming. But I do worry about Your knee when I see you do that dance.

Most mornings, we have a special moment. I sit on the floor with my back leaning against the couch, sipping a coffee. And You are laying on the floor between my legs, squeezing Yourself as close as possible to my left leg. During those moments, we both feel at peace and enjoy our closeness.

Other times, after I massage Your head, back and legs. You so generously reward me by putting Your paws on my shoulders and lick my ears and neck eagerly. That heartfelt thank You confirms how much the massage helped. Sometimes, you change things around. You put your forehead against mine and stare into my eyes. And then, out of the blue comes a wet lick with Your long tongue. Your appreciation and kindness are unmistakable.

Every day You decide to sit close beside me makes my heart grow fonder. You are so amazing. I could not wish for anything better.

Annie, You are my soul Boxer. Love You!

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