Wanting a Boxer Puppy

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Annie’s first day in her new home

Puppies are so cute, playful and cuddly that it is easy to forget that they grow up very fast. Once they are no longer cute and cuddly, they just become part of everyday life. And with it often comes neglect.

Wanting a Boxer puppy does require a realistic look ahead before getting one. After all, you want to become the dog’s best friend, not just the other way around. Dogs create deep bonds with people; that is why we love them so much. Given a kind and caring home, they will bring Years of Joy.

Puppy vs Older Dog

Puppies are demanding and need constant attention, they can start chewing on electrical cords, eating inedible things fallen on the floor, and the list goes on. The health history is also not established at that age.

Should You also consider getting a bit older dog? Then a 2 to 4-Year-old Boxer would be a fantastic choice. With an older dog, You have many things behind already, and there will be a health history. Maybe the dog comes thoroughly trained and is house trained.


The desire for a Boxer puppy did bring up some questions. We had to decide if a puppy is the best thing for the puppy and us. And how we would manage puppy training, day care etc. Many of the same considerations also apply when considering an older Boxer.

Are You able and willing to dedicate 10 to 15 years to own and take care of a dog?It would be a long-term commitment and could be rewarding.
Have You got the time to go out every 1 to 2 hours so the puppy can do its business?Puppies need to go out every 1 to 2 hours, by always being on time. You speed up house training and help Your dog succeed.
Boxers slobber, are You ready for it?After getting dressed nicely for work or pleasure, the Boxer comes to see what the occasion is, and slobbers on pants or dress.
How will You react when the puppy pees or poops in the house?Most likely because You were busy, but the puppy needed to go outside.
Are You willing to dedicate the time to keep Your Boxer occupied?Boxers are active, quickly excited and are working dogs. Someone would need to go out often to keep the dog busy. And by a lot I mean 3 to 4 hours a day?
Have You got someone at home that could look after the dog, could you afford to bring the dog to daycare on weekdays?Doggie daycare will cost from $ 25 to $ 60 a day. In 2019 we spent $ 1450 on daycare and boarding.
What are the plans for the dog when vacationing?Boarding will cost between $ 30 and $ 60 a day. Food would have to be provided, and it is unknown how the dog will adjust to the new place. Some dogs stop eating when the owner is not around. It’s stressful for the dog. 
Travelling with a dog means a limited selection of hotels, motels and short-term rental places. Regarding motels and hotels, be prepared to get the oldest and least desirable room, there might be some breeds that are not allowed. Some have even had weight limits. 
How much will it cost for veterinarian services?In 2019 Annie’s Vet bills added up to $ 1200.
What does it cost to feed a breed like a Boxer?Puppies will not cost that much, but once they get bigger, so does the pet food budget. You are looking at $ 120 to $ 250 a month.
How much are toys, crates, leashes collars, etc.?Much depends on what You get, but the initial cost of $ 200 is not overblown. Remember, many of the items listed will need to be replaced as the dog outgrows things like collars and crates.
All dollar amounts are in Canadian dollars and are estimates only

Health and Feeding

Boxers are very prone to cancer, stomach issues and joint-related problems, among others. Life expectancy is around 10 Years. My wife had Boxers that got up to the ripe age of 14.

Exercise is essential for breeds like Boxers; when not getting enough, they can become depressed. Some may decide to go on a demolition spree and rip up the couch or other items to compensate for excess energy and boredom when You are busy. 

Boxers are sometimes tricky to feed, as I experienced with Annie. She doesn’t tolerate chicken; feeding her kibble always caused problems. I found it essential to get the feeding correct for overall good health. Might require some research plus trial and error to find the right balance.

Basic Puppy Training

With the desire for a Boxer Puppy some thought should be given to basic puppy training. As soon as that puppy comes come it will need first need some basic house training. Then You need to make sure the that cute little Boxer is not biting electrical cables and other things You may not have thought of. That means the living area where the puppy has access to need to be made safe.

My article Basic Puppy Training – How To, is based on my experience with Annie.

As cute and that little puppy is, it is still just a baby. It will require lots of attention, and having to look after a puppy is demanding.

Fixing a Boxer Puppy

Before You know it that puppy has grown and other puppy owners You know will get there dog fixed. Before going off and getting that Boxer puppy fixed, please read my article on spaying and neutering dogs. That article mentions to a recent study done on spaying and neutering dogs. The study used 15 years of data and followed dogs over those years. Boxers and many other breeds of dogs should not get fixed at 6 months old as commonly recommended.

Many dog breeds are at a higher risk of joint and other health issues later in life if they get fixed at a n early age. Please take the time to review that article. At the bottom of most of my posts is a resource section. That is where links to mentioned research articles are located.


It is not my intention to talk anyone out of getting a puppy, make sure it’s the right and smart thing to do. Think past the initial emotional response to a puppy. That stage is only a fleeting moment in the life of a dog. They develop quickly, and there are many more stages that are much more rewarding, in my opinion. 


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