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Annie and Me
Marcel and Annie

This blog is created based on the experiences with Annie, a wonderful Boxer girl. Every day I appreciate the pleasure of having Annie around me. Even though we had and will continue to have health issues, we find solutions and have fun together.

Much of what we learned together will be documented in this blog in the hope that others might benefit from it. I like to use scientific research studies to investigate health issues. And I find it interesting when there are contradictory views on a topic. My goals is to include the most relevant links to the research articles at the bottom of every post.

Marcel like to program, bake, cook, hike and learn new things. Always is curious about things and has a desire to did deeper in to a specific interest or topic

Annie on the other hand likes to chew on bones, going for walks. But most of all she like to play with people or other dogs.

Don’t be shy, contact us via the contact form.

Annie & Marcel