Posh Dog Knee Brace Winter Performance Review

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Annie with Posh dog knee brace in snow
Annie knee Brace in Snow

One of my previous reviews of the Posh Dog Knee brace mentioned a follow-up to evaluate its winter performance. In this review, I focus on the knee brace’s winter performance.

In February, we got a lot of snow and cold weather. Which is a perfect scenario to see how well the brace performs under such conditions. The Posh dog knee brace is not cast. So there are many open spaces. And that made me wonder how well the brace would perform in a Canadian winter with deep snow and cold temperatures.

Those conditions can be demanding on some materials and can affect the durability of a product. On top of that comes exposure to road salt, slush and mud. However, the most crucial aspect is how well the dog can walk and play with the brace during cold winter weather.

Just a reminder, Annie has been wearing a Posh knee brace since October 2020. The reason Annie needs a brace is that she has a torn ligament in her Knee.

Cold Temperature and Brace Material

Our morning walks last between 40 and 60 minutes. Even on days when the temperature is -20c, Annie needs that much time outside. I put the brace on in the house before we go out. Although the brace is more pliable when warm, it still can be bent in cold weather.

One reason I mention that is that at times when Annie is very energetic, the brace tends to slip slightly down the leg. And at times, I had to take off the brace and refit it again during our walks. And when the temperature is -20 c, You want to be able to do so quickly.

The brace’s permanent fix for slipping is to make a minor adjustment to the buckle. That is something that can bone at home with a screwdriver.

Deep Snow

In February, we had several days with a lot of snowfall. At the height of the snowfall, we accumulated about 25 to 30 cm of snow. Our mid-day walk goes through open fields and treed areas. Along the way are snowdrifts we cross that are much higher than 25 cm. In those spots, Annie will sink in way above the Knee.

On those occasions, I remove the snow that accumulated in the crevices with a finger. The snow was very light and fluffy because of the cold weather, making removing the snow a none issue. When the snow is very wet and heavy, Annie does not sink deep enough to reach the crevices.

Deep snow and the effects on the Knee

Walking in Deep snow does affect Annie’s injured Knee. Because walking in deep know is more challenging, she has to lift her legs higher. I noticed that at times she was limping after we got home. On the other hand, I saw that her thigh muscles are building up nicely. Since Annie is wearing the brace, I noticed an overall buildup of strength on the injured leg, which is a good sign.

Salt & Mud

Annie is wearing the brace for about 3 hours a day and mostly when she is outside. And after five months of use, that brace still looks like new. There is some rusting on the lower buckle. The lower part of the brace also gets most of the salt and dirt splashed on it during our walks.

To clean the brace, a wipe with a wet cloth is all that is needed. Should the accumulation of salt and dirt be heavy, rinse it under the faucet. The brace is waterproof.

One observation that I have is that since Annie is wearing the brace, the paw on the leg with the brace gets more often road salt stuck between her paw. That is noticeably more often than on the other side. Because Annie is wearing a brace, I don’t use the rubber booties like in other years.


The Posh brace has performed surprisingly very well in winter conditions. And over the last five months, the Posh Dog knee brace has a significant impact on Annie’s quality of life. Before we had a brace, Annie’s walks were very short, 10 to 15 minutes. And after those walks, Annie was limping. Since we use the brace, Annie has been out walking much longer, giving her enough activity to be reasonably satisfied. Not an easy task to accomplish with an active Boxer. Boxers have a tremendous amount of energy that needs an outlet before they can be calm.

Over the last three months, I also give Annie the NuPro Joint and immunity Supplement. That supplement has done wonders for Annie’s general well-being and provides joint health support.

I also like to make my readers aware of the following post, Dog knee injury – Why After one Year of Conservative Treatment I Decided on Surgery. That article will be interest to dog owners that have a dog young and healthy enough to undergo surgery.

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