Custom Dog Portraits in Oil, Pastel, Pencil & Acrylic

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A custom dog portrait can bring a lot of joy to a dog owner that also appreciates art. There are many different types of portraits. A dog portrait created with oil paint will look very different from one done with pencil, pastels or acrylic. And the most important aspects will be the artist’s talent and the type of paint used.

Paintings have a way of getting the attention that photos often don’t have. With a painting, one wants to get closer to see the hidden details. When we hear the word portrait, we often envision a person’s image. But having a custom painted portrait of a pet is something special. We love our pets, and they love us back in abundance. They make our life interesting. So why not have a portrait of our pets that is artistic and one of a kind.

Selecting the Right Artist for a Portrait

The most important aspect of getting a custom dog portrait is finding the right artist that works with Your preferred material. Each artist will have his or her style. For that reason, it is crucial to look at as many portraits as possible from any artist whose style is deemed suitable.

The reason for looking at as many custom portraits as possible is manifold. One of them is to find an artist that consistently creates portraits that impress. The style and quality should also be consistent. Focus on the type or breed of animal in the portrait. If you have a dog with short hair, it is wise to view dogs’ paintings with short hair. That way, You have a better idea of what to expect.

Should You spot a particularly appealing portrait, take note of it, or even better, save the picture’s link. When the time comes for communicating with the artist, let them know that you like a particular picture.

Some Artists prior Works

The paintings shown below are custom portraits that artists created for past customers. Most of those portraits are not for sale but give a good indication of on artist’s style and quality work.

A custom portrait starts with a photo of the pet. The artists mentioned in this article also painted other things besides pets.

Please note, if you are looking for someone to paint your dog, do a google search by the names of the artist mentioned below.

Custom Boxer Portrait in Oil – by John Carwithen

John Carwithen has been painting since he was 11 years old.

Looking at his custom portrait below, I initially see a beautiful Boxer. But the painting has many hidden treasures. For example, look at the white that runs from between the eyes down to the nose. The way it is painted, it seems like a small waterfall with water rushing down. The river flows into the lake on top of the nose.

Further down, the dog’s chest is white in the middle, and one can see the brush strokes’ direction. The chest is also painted bolder, with a lot less detail than the head.

The most exciting part of the chest is on the left side, where the white blends into the brown. That section looks almost 3 D. That is because oil paints are thick. The brush strokes are bold and have white and brown colours intertwined.

Oil Paint Custom Dog Portrait

Custom Dog Oil Portrait by Yana Golikova

What is striking in this portrait are the eyes. You can’t help but look at those beautiful eyes. They are so clear, hard to believe they are painted and not real. Taking a closer look at the head, we can see the brush strokes’ direction.

Oil Paint Custom Dog Portrait 2

Custom Dog Portrait in Soft Pastel – by Liliya Shtulberg

The following dog portrait is on paper with soft pastel. What is remarkable with this soft pastel dog portrait are the fine fur details. Often pastel paintings don’t have such fine detail.

The dog’s expression got captured beautifully. The dog is alert, and the eyes are clear and lifelike. As we move our eyes down on the picture, we can tell the chest and back are much less detailed and then fade out.

Pastel Custom Dog Portrait

Boxer Pencil Portrait by Sebastian Draw

Pencil portraits have a very different look then all the other styles of portraits mentioned in this article. Pencil drawings has evolved like many other art forms. What is so amazing about Pencil drawings, is that they can be so realistic. At times they can be mistaken for a Black and White photo.

Pencil Custom Dog Portrait 1

Custom Pencil Portrait by Genevieve Schlueter

Genevieve Schlueter is another excellent artist that does Custom pencil portraits. When looking at her work, I would say that her style is more artistic than realistic. But as the Boxer dog portrait shown below, she also is very good a creating realistic looking custom portraits.

Pencil Custom Dog Portrait 2

Custom Dog Portrait in Acrylic by Bex

The painting below really shows the lazy side of a Boxer dog. This picture captures the essence of a boxer resting. Really well done. The artist Bex is very creative and does other art work besides painting.

Acrylic Custom Dog Portrait


So many amazing artists out there that can create a piece of art from a picture of Your dog. Owning and custom dog portrait is a special dedication to a dog. Pets have a special place in our hearts, why not have a special place on the wall for a one of kind portrait.

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