Eggshell Calcium For Dogs

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This week I looked a little deeper into Eggshell calcium for Dogs. Mainly because in the last few days, Annie has been fed Beef, Turkey and Lamb. When buying that kind of meat, there are no, or only a few bones. Annie gets about 90 % of the time raw meat. The other 10% of the time, she gets cooked food. She gets cooked food when we buy ground raw meat. We never feed her bought ground meats raw.

When the type of meat we buy does not have enough bones, then Eggshell Calcium is used to make up for the lack of bones. Eggshell calcium for dogs is always on hand for precisely such occasions. I first heard about homemade Eggshell calcium when we started feeding Annie cooked food. We had bought a book on how to cook for dogs. In the book were instructions on how to make Eggshell calcium powder.

Home Made Eggshell Calcium Powder For Dogs

We keep all the eggshells when we bake or cook. Then we rinse them inside and out and let them dry. When dry, we store them in the fridge till we have enough to make Eggshell powder.

To make the Eggshell calcium powder for dogs, place the cleaned and dried Eggshells on a sheet and put them in a preheated oven (300 F /150 C) for 5 minutes.

Then take them out of the oven to let them cool. When cold, crush the Eggshells and add them to the spice grinder. And grind them to a fine powder. There are many videos and articles on how to make Eggshell powder if You need more details.

Because the Eggshell powder goes into the food, I buy Free Range or Organic Eggs. Since the Eggshells get eaten, they should be of good quality. Making Eggshell powder is a great way to reduce waste and use it for an excellent purpose.

Health Benefits Of Eggshell Calcium

Since Annie has a torn ligament in her knee, I have been looking at what can be done with diet to speed up the healing process. Based on studies, dogs with a cruciate ligament injury treated via a conservative treatment seem to have a higher rate of joint issues later in life.

Annie is currently only four years old. I want to do what I can to reduce the risk of later joint issues.

I took a closer look at the Eggshell powder that we add to her food. And found that a low calcium diet contributes to osteoporosis, which causes bones to become weak and brittle. Eggshell calcium is beneficial in preventing and treating osteoporosis. Another study had shown that Eggshell calcium could help produce bone tissue. By feeding fresh bones and also Eggshell powder, gives Annie more sources of calcium

We also started to make bone broth but let it simmered longer to make it thick like gelatine. That provides more Type II collagen in her diet. And type II collagen is supposed to help with arthritis. Several studies show the benefits of collagen on arthritis. Arthritis is something Annie had already experienced in the past because of her knee issue. It’s simple to cook bones, and it provides such great potential to give Annie a better life.

The combination of type II collagen and Eggshell calcium should repair damaged joints better, in my opinion. Then only one or the other. Bone broth is also beneficial to digestion and absorption of foods. By starting with gut health, we give Annie the best chance for good joint health.

Interesting Facts About Eggshell Calcium

While looking into the health benefits of Eggshells, I found some fascinating research articles. Several articles mentioned that Calcinated Eggshell (Eggshells heated to around 900 C) was able in a short time to kill many viruses. Including avian influenza virus, Newcastle disease virus, infectious bursal disease virus, Salmonella Infantis and Escherichia coli.

It was able to kill the virus in 3 minutes.

After doing some more research, It seems that Calcinated Eggshell also can kill the Rabbies virus. Yet another research article, calcinated Eggshells were used to remove Phenol from water solutions.

One can’t help but wonder, could Calcinated Eggshells also kill the CIVID-19 virus that causes havoc worldwide?

As always, if interested, please check my resource section at the end of this article.


By giving my Boxer girl Eggshell calcium together with the thick bone broth. I hope to repair some of the damage that was already done by the torn ligament. So that later in life, she won’t have more arthritis than other older dogs.

Dogs grow so incredibly fast and have a short life span compared to humans. Those two facts always make me look ahead when dealing with Annie’s health issues. Should cooking some bones and grinding up the Eggshells prove effective, that will have been a fantastic treatment.

Eggshells also seem to have antiviral properties when heated to high heat. Who would have thought that just doing a reaches on Eggshell calcium produces such findings?


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