Boxer Dog Jewelry in Gold and Silver

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I came across the Boxer dog Jewelry in Gold and Silver while searching for the Best Boxer Christmas Cards. It was not on my mind at all to look for Boxer jewelry. It just happened that a few lovely pieces of jewelry came via the search result. That got me sidetracked, and before I knew it, the browsing for Boxer Jewelry began.

The items featured below are unique Rings, Pendants. When the jewelry item displayed shows a Boxer. In most cases, You can find the same or similar piece for another dog breed.

I paid attention to quality designs and products. Every person has his or her preferences and likes. Should You not find a suitable item here, You can click on any image, and it will bring you to the product detail page. Above the product detail page, You can enter the search criteria.

Disclaimer: I like to make you aware that as an Amazon Canada Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. That means, should you decide to purchase one of the products through the links below, I would earn a commission at no extra cost to You. And that would help greatly to support this site. Thank You.

Boxer Pendants in Gold or Silver

Boxer Necklace with heart in silver or gold

Boxer (cropped&pointed ears), German Boxer, Deutscher Boxer, silver hallmark 925, dog silver necklace, limited edition

You can browse their other dog specific Necklaces via this link. I seen Golden Retrievers, Labrador’s, German Sheppard, English Bulldog and many others.

Dog breed sample pendants

Solid Gold 14K Charm, My Dog Pendants, Gold Pendant, Unique Shaped, Five races, Pit bull, German Shepherd, Pug ,Rottweiler and Boxer

Solid Gold Boxer Pendant and Necklace Cropped Ears

Boxer (cropped ears) jewelry – Solid Gold pendant and necklace. This Item comes on 14K or 18K Gold.

Boxer Dog Jewelry in Gold and Silver - Oval Boxer Charm 14K Gold

14K gold small Boxer head study on sterling silver free form triangle with oval frame and hidden bailique.

Something very different and stunning. Notice the detail and depth of color and texture, hallmarks of the finest.

Boxer Rings in Gold or Silver

Silver Ring, Boxer Cutout

14K Gold or Sterling Boxer Cut Out Comfort Band Ring with 2 Gemstones. Classic ring design.

14K Gold or Sterling Raised Boxer Comfort Band Ring with 2 Gemstones.

3d Boxer Head ring in Silver

14K Gold Eternity Band Ring with Raised Boxers and 8 Gemstones. Elegant and great workmanship.


You never know what You find when an internet search gets started. I hope the above items highlight the tremendous amount of quality Boxer Gold and Silver Jewelry that exists.
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