Lost Dog Found

Lost dog found

Last Updated on 2022-02-09 by Admin Last Wednesday, early morning Annie and I were out for our walk along the Avenue we live. We crossed the road heading towards a field when a black dog, probably a schnauzer\poodle mix, came towards Annie and sniffed her. The two dogs were friendly with one another. The black … Read more

Raw Meat Diet

Annie on Raw

The decision was not because of ideology, but because Annie would start whining and not eating after one year of eating cooked meals. Feeding raw was a natural progression.

Home Cooked Food

Annie on Home Cooked Food

Last Updated on 2022-03-16 by Admin After our ordeal with feeding Annie kibble, we started feeding her home cooked food. You can view the Kibble article here. My wife had cooked for her prior Boxers; they reached the ages of twelve and fourteen. For a Boxer, life expectancy is about ten years, so my wife … Read more

Feeding Annie Kibble

Annie as a puppy when she was fed Kibble

Last Updated on 2022-02-09 by Admin When we first got Annie as a puppy, she was used to eating kibble. We continued feeding Annie kibble as well. We did not want to change the food as it was stressful enough to be transplanted to a new home. After about three weeks of having Annie with … Read more

Preparing for the Puppy

Last Updated on 2022-02-09 by Admin My wife had many Boxers in the past. As a Boxer fan, her criteria for what she desired was clear. After a long search, we did find a suitable puppy. We met the breeder and were able to inspect the mother and the puppies. The most independent puppy of … Read more

Wanting a Boxer Puppy

Last Updated on 2022-02-09 by Admin Puppies are so cute, playful and cuddly that it is easy to forget that they grow up very fast. Once they are no longer cute and cuddly, they just become part of everyday life. And with it often comes neglect. Wanting a Boxer puppy does require a realistic look … Read more