Eggshell Calcium For Dogs

This week I looked a little deeper into Eggshell calcium for Dogs. Mainly because in the last few days, Annie has been fed Beef, Turkey and Lamb. When buying that kind of meat, there are no, or only a few bones. Annie gets about 90 % of the time raw meat. The other 10% of … Read more

Raw Meat Diet

Annie on Raw

The decision was not because of ideology, but because Annie would start whining and not eating after one year of eating cooked meals. Feeding raw was a natural progression.

Home Cooked Food

Annie on Home Cooked Food

After our ordeal with feeding Annie kibble, we started feeding her home cooked food. You can view the Kibble article here. My wife had cooked for her prior Boxers; they reached the ages of twelve and fourteen. For a Boxer, life expectancy is about ten years, so my wife must have done something right. To … Read more

Feeding Annie Kibble

Annie as a puppy when she was fed Kibble

When we first got Annie as a puppy, she was used to eating kibble. We continued feeding Annie kibble as well. We did not want to change the food as it was stressful enough to be transplanted to a new home. After about three weeks of having Annie with us, she got diarrhea. We suspected … Read more