Lost Dog Found

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Last Wednesday, early morning Annie and I were out for our walk along the Avenue we live. We crossed the road heading towards a field when a black dog, probably a schnauzer\poodle mix, came towards Annie and sniffed her. The two dogs were friendly with one another. The black dog did not have a leash on here, just a purple collar. I was wondering where its owner was. I looked around for someone looking for a dog. There was no one walking. As we were along a busy Avenue with morning traffic, I moved towards a school soccer field. Once on the ground, I gave the black dog a treat. So she would hang around and not go near the road. Then I called my wife and asked her to meet me in the soccer field and bring an extra leash.

My wife put the black dog on the leash, and we went for a walk. We went through residential areas where there are houses and apartment buildings. Hopping the black dog would walk towards its home. During our walk, we noticed that the dog had some training, was well behaved and pleasant but hungry. Twice she picked up some cooked bones and wanted to eat it. Each time I took it out of her mouth. After an hour of walking, we decided to head home.

Microchip Scan

At home, we fed Annie and our newly found dog. As the dogs were eating, I posted an ad on a lost and found website. After some rest and a coffee, I walked the dog to the veterinarian for a microchip scan. Luckily the dog had a chip, but unfortunately, it was not registered. The receptionist at the veterinarian was going to make calls and call me back later in the day.

We took Annie and the black dog out for a walk again. During the day, we walked around the neighbourhood in the hopes that someone would ask about that black dog. Browsing local classified ad sites for someone missing a dog like I found turned up nothing. So I posted a dog found ad. The receptionist from the veterinarian office called me to let me know that she could not find out who the owner was.

We made some plans, short therm we would take care of the dog, but if we could not find the owner by the weekend, we would bring it to the humane society. The dog seemed to be taken care of, was recently groomed, had some training and was full of energy. I was surprised that there were no tags on the collar at all.

We gave the dogs supper and went for an evening rush hour walk. We had expected to see some signs on telephone posts of a missing dog, or someone looking for the dog. There were none. At home, we talked about getting the blankets out for the black dog to sleep on the floor near Annie that night.

I went to sit on the balcony and check my email, and the black dog followed me there. I petted it for a while and then laid by my feet.

What are the odds?

Around 8 PM, we went out again for the evening walk. It was supposed to rain. We went out earlier than usual. During our walk, a Young man approached us and mentioned that the black dog looked like his mother’s dog that ran away this morning. He had no leash on him, and the dog was neutral to see him. She just minded her business. So I was not sure that this was the owner. But during a short conversation, it became clear that he knew the dog. I told him the I had brought the dog to the veterinarian, and the dog had a microchip. Maybe he should think about getting the dog registered, so he or his mother could be contacted next time the dog ran away.

It started to rain heavily, and we followed the man to where he lived and let the dog off the leash at his home, and she ran inside. We walked in the pouring rain home with Annie. By the time we got home, we were all drenched. My wife and I were happy that we were lucky enough to reunite the dog with its owner.


If you have a dog and it is micro-chipped, please register it. It also is beneficial to have tags on the collar, and one should have at least the dog’s name and the phone number of the owner. After all, we love our dogs and want the best for them.

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