Elements of a High-Quality Leather Dog Collar

Rolled up Collar with Leather Flowers

A Quality leather dog collar has specific elements and characteristics. The benefits of such a collar are comfort for the dog. The dog owner gets a product that is long-lasting, unique and gives pride of ownership. With also comes the peace of mind that the dog will not suddenly get loose because the collar failed. … Read more

From Puppy to One Year Old

Annie is my first dog while my wife had many dogs before. That is a great combination, my wife has the experience, and I have the curiosity and desire to lean. When doing something for the first time, everything is new. These new experiences are worth capturing because they are one-off experiences. The second time … Read more

Lost Dog Found

Lost dog found

Last Wednesday, early morning Annie and I were out for our walk along the Avenue we live. We crossed the road heading towards a field when a black dog, probably a schnauzer\poodle mix, came towards Annie and sniffed her. The two dogs were friendly with one another. The black dog did not have a leash … Read more