Two to Three Year Old Boxer

Annie the Boxer standing on rock and looking around

Boxers are an amazing breed of Dogs. Two to Three Year Old Boxers have an incredible amount of energy. We spend lots of time at the dog park since Annie was old enough to go to dog parks. We were keen to have a well-socialized dog. Being Socialized among dogs and people meant a more … Read more

From Puppy to One Year Old

Annie is my first dog while my wife had many dogs before. That is a great combination, my wife has the experience, and I have the curiosity and desire to lean. When doing something for the first time, everything is new. These new experiences are worth capturing because they are one-off experiences. The second time … Read more

Preparing for the Puppy

My wife had many Boxers in the past. As a Boxer fan, her criteria for what she desired was clear. After a long search, we did find a suitable puppy. We met the breeder and were able to inspect the mother and the puppies. The most independent puppy of the litter, Annie, was the one … Read more

Wanting a Boxer Puppy

Puppies are so cute, playful and cuddly that it is easy to forget that they grow up very fast. Once they are no longer cute and cuddly, they just become part of everyday life. And with it often comes neglect. Wanting a Boxer puppy does require a realistic look ahead before getting one. After all, … Read more