Dog knee injury – Why After one Year of Conservative Treatment I Decided on Surgery

The Appeal of Conservative Treatment Before starting with the conservative treatment for my Boxer girl Annie, a great deal of effort and research went into learning about the various surgeries and non-surgical options. After considering all things, I decided to go with the conservative treatment. I was not fond of most dog knee surgeries like … Read more

Conventional vs Holistic Veterinarian. A Dog Owners Experience

For this article, Conventional and Holistic Veterinarians, how they differ and how Your dog can benefit, the focus is on private general practitioners. The most familiar Veterinarian is the is the conventional Veterinarian. However, there is also the holistic Veterinarian. That Veterinarian has a different approach to treating a dog. Being aware that there are … Read more

Better Gut Health with Food, Prebiotics & Probiotics

Based on research articles, scientists don’t agree that probiotics and prebiotics help with dog gut issues. However, some of the most recent studies looked at probiotics with a diet change to address Gastrointestinal diseases in dogs. Introducing a change in food with probiotics and prebiotics might achieve the desired result. That is based on a … Read more