Boxer Holiday Cards to Print at Home

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Every Year I try to find unique holiday cards with Boxers on them. Last Year I wrote about cards that can be bought. But for this Year the goal is to create cards from home as a DIY project. That got me review the collection of images I have of Annie. The intention is to create a card that does not look like all the other holiday cards that show a Boxer.

The cards were created using 8.5X11 110 lb paper stock and via A7 format scored card stock. When using 8.5 X 11 size paper, I used the the 7X5 or 5X7 image size and template to print. Then after printing, draw lines to cut out the card by scissor or knife. When paper cutter is used, no markings are required.

For the 7 inch card stock my printer was not able to printer borderless for none photo printing. So a .25 inch margin was set to print. That gives the card a border, that for some images worked really well.

The Boxer Card Collection

Boxer in Front of Candle

The beautiful Candle Image in the background impressed me as soon as I saw it.

The image is from Ernesto Barco from Lima, Peru. The holly is used on several cards and is created by Jose from BOLOGNA/Italia

The Boxer on the card is Annie from a photo I took while we were out of town for a week just before the start of the COVID pandemic.

Boxer Beside Fallen Christmas Tree

Looking at this image, I can imagine a Boxer who finished his crazy 5 minutes and overturned the Christmas tree when looking at the image. The excellent background photo is from and was created by Simon Berger. This card comes in several sizes and landscape and portrait formats. This card comes in Portrait and Landscape mode.

Boxer, Pine branches and Presents

For this card, a lovely image of Annie as she was Younger is utilized. As I looked through all the photos of Annie, it became clear there are only a few good ones of Annie as a puppy.

It took a while to find the correct graphic elements to create a unique card for that picture of Annie.

The branches with the gold decoration are from Alexey Hulsov from Vologda/Russia

The beutiful presents are from Annca • Schweiz / Switzerland. The pine cones beside the presents are from Kiril. The pine cone image is one of my favourite images, but I could not use it to the full extent.

So the pine cone was cropped and resized. The background is actually from and I use it in several cards because of its fluid design.

Boxer in the Snow with Ornaments

For this card, I wanted something simple and traditional. The snowy trees are used again to enhance the background. The background is from Sabine Kroschel from Germany.

What makes this card appealing is the contrast between snow, ornaments and the Boxer dog.

Starry Christmas Night with a Boxer and Presents

The starry Christmas night with Boxer card took a while to compose. Initially, the plan was to keep it simple. But that never brought a satisfactory result.

So an evening sky photograph I took many years ago is used as background. Again, I used the snowy trees but distorted them to give the image a unique feel.

The presents are from The Boxer again is Annie from when she was a puppy.

Banner with Snow and Trees

With the Banner with Snow and Trees card, I tried to recreate a retro look that reminded me of cards from my childhood. It is a simple card yet captures the holiday spirit. I had plans to add a picture of Annie, and I decided against it. The card looks good as is.

Because there is text on front of the card, there is a English and French version of this card.

Banner with Snow and Trees Frosted

The simplicity of the Banner with Snow and Trees is appealing. But I kept trying new things with it to give it a different mood. Eventually, adding a background image and distorting it created an ominous air to the card. It is a unique card that happens to be one of my favourites.

Because there is text on front of the card, there is a English and French version of this card.


Creating and printing holiday cards can be challenging, as I found out. Not all printers have the same capabilities, and that may require some tweaking of the instructions. Online services like can be a great resource as well. If the images are appealing, they are available for purchase from the gallery, including templates, some holiday text, and instructions on printing a card.

If the card is intended for a Boxer dog lover, You might also be interested in 10 Unique Gifts for Boxer Dog Lovers.

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