10 Unique Gifts for Boxer Dog Lovers

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With this article about 10 Unique gifts for Boxer Dog Lovers, I set out to find some gifts for Boxer dog lovers that are unique, beautiful, reasonably priced, and fit any occasion. A great gift can bring joy every time it is used or looked at and has a lasting value to the one receiving it. And that is precisely the kind of gifts I wanted to find.

Often gifts for Boxer Dog lovers consist of Calendars, figurines, t-Shirts etc. But for those of us that have a spouse or family members that are crazy about the Boxer Dog breed, something special and unique is required in the long run. Because the standard gift selection eventually becomes repetitive and boring. So there is a real need for a shortlist of some unique gifts.

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Disclaimer: I like to make you aware that as an Etsy Canada Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. That means, should you decide to purchase one of the products through the links below, I would earn a commission at no extra cost to You. And that would help greatly to support this site. Thank You.

Boxer Dog Tote Bag

This tote bag is listed first because it is so beautiful. It also comes in three different sizes, and other dog breed images are also available. These tote bags are double printed and made of a robust synthetic fabric that retains its shape and dries quickly. There is also reinforced stitching on the handles. In many other places, there is a second row of stitching.

Customizable Tote Bag with cute Boxer image on bag.

The bag comes in 4 sizes, but please check the availability of each size via the link below. Some sizes at times are not always available

Tote bag Sizes:

  • 6 X 6 Inches
  • 13 X 13 Inches
  • 16 X 16 Inches
  • 18 X 18 Inches

Tote bag width for all sizes is 3.15 Inches

The tote bag handle dimensions are 11 inches high x 1 inch wide. But allow for 1 to 2 cm error because of manual measuring.

Boxer Cutting or Cheese Board

This Boxer Cutting\Cheese Board is made from Maple and Walnut wood with a Boxer Resin Inlay. The board thickness ranges from 3/4 inch to 1 inch, depending on the board size.

Maple and walnut wood cutting board featuring and Boxer Dog inlay.

The board comes in the following sizes:

  • 7 X 7 inch
  • 10 X 7 Inch
  • 10 X 12 Inch
  • 10 X 16 Inch
  • 12 X 18 Inch

This board is almost too lovely the be a cutting board, in my opinion. However, imagine using it as a cheeseboard. The cutting board makes a classy background for the light-coloured cheese. Then add some tomato wedges and stuffed olives or grapes as garnish.

Boxer Umbrella White on Black

While I saw many Umbrellas, I had never seen a Boxer Umbrella. So this is something unique. This Umbrella is an Auto Open Premium Quality English stick style umbrella. While this particular Umbrella depicts a Boxer, the company makes umbrellas representing other dog breeds and even cats.

When opened, these umbrellas are 34.5 inches long and have a 40-inch wide canopy.

Black and While English style umbrella depicting boxer dog images.

Boxer Door Hanger

Front door hangers have become popular over the years here in North America. In Europe, front door hangers are very common. Door hangers also are a sign of pride in one’s place of residence. This particular Boxer Door Hanger comes in several variations and can be customized. That makes this item very versatile as a gift for many occasions. There are two sizes to choose from, a 16-inch or 18-inch diameter. A very classy gift that the receiver sees whenever coming home.

Front Door hanger gift that can be customized

Boxer Pint Glass

The simple, clean and stylish boxer etching on this pint glass brings out the Boxer dog head nicely. While the image depicts a glass full of beer, I’m sure it would still look great when filled with water or syrup. Many people have a favourite mug or drinking glass. This pint glass can be a joy to use for Boxer lovers.

Pint glass gift with boxer dog head etched on the glass

Boxer Blanket

Often Boxer blankets come with repeated images of boxers. That can make it hard to appreciate the individual Boxer images on a blanket. The chosen blanket showcases just one Boxer. Therefore it brings out the essence of a Boxer, in my opinion. Those beautiful brown eyes, relaxed body, and attentiveness are marks of a Boxer. This blanket comes in various sizes, 30 X 40 inches, 50 X 60 inches and 60 X 80 inches. There is an option to have the blanked printed on one side or both.

Boxer blanket gift featuring one Boxer Dog. Impressive.

Boxer Cookie Cutter

While there are many Boxer cookie cutters, this particular one is very detailed and comes in 9 cm X 9 cm or as a 5.5 cm X 5.5 cm. There are other options as to how the cutter is to be styled. This Boxer cookie cutter is unique and will bring a lot of joy to a dog lover who likes to bake. Or maybe for someone that makes dog treats.

Boxer head cookie cutter gift

Boxer Notebook

When a notebook is pretty is more likely going to be used. This particular Boxer notebook is pretty and cute. Great for when one tries to escape from phone and laptop and use pencil and paper to sketch or write. However, kids will also enjoy this notebook because of how it looks. This is an A6 size Notebook (6ins x 4ins – approx.10.5cms x 14.5cms) and contains 30 white pages. The spiral binding makes it versatile in any setting, including the kitchen.

Boxer Notebook with 30 pages makes a great gift

Boxer Dog Key Chain

There seems to be no shortage of Boxer key chains. So I had to pick one that is unique and best captures the essence of a Boxer Dog. Luckily this key chain has some customization. The beads can be changed or altogether left out. The charm size is 35mm high x 25mm and handcrafted in Australia. This key chain being small, shipping costs should be reasonable.

Boxer dog key chain gift

Boxer Art Print

Choosing just one image when so many great Boxer prints were available was hard. But in the end, only one could make it on the list. Like the other Boxer gifts, I tried to pick the print that depicts the Boxer traits the best. The amazing part about this image is how genuine and life-like the Boxer image is.

This Boxer art print is a pleasure to behold. The artist’s name is Stephen Russel. The prints are available directly from him and come in three sizes.

  • A4 (8.3 X 11.7 inches)
  • A3 (11.7 X 16.5 inches)
  • A2 (16.5 X 23.4 inches)
Boxer art print, makes a great gift


It always surprises me how much time it takes to find unique products that depict a Boxer Dog. The search started with the following criteria.

  • The gift has be unique
  • The kind of gift that can bring joy every time it’s used or looked at
  • The cost of the gift must be in a reasonable price range, $ 10 to $ 100

Looking at my list of gift’s some items like the tote bag and door hanger are unexpected finds. It did take a while to find such things, but it was worth the effort. The next time some relative asks me what kind of gift my wife would enjoy, I send them a link to this post.

In the past, I have written about some other Boxer-related products like Holiday cards and Boxer jewellery.

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