Dear Santa Letter

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Modified picture if Annie with Santa Hat

A Dear Santa Letter, Yes it is that time of Year again. And instead of writing another factual and well researched article. I feel it is time for something a bit more lighthearted, creative and fun. We all could use a little bit of cheer in our life right about now.

That got me thinking. What would Annie’s Dear Santa Letter contain, what are her wishes for Christmas?

So the Dear Santa letter below is written from the perspective of a four year old Boxer.

Dear Santa

My name is Annie, and I’m 4 years old Boxer girl. I was a good girl all year. You want to know what I’m doing? I got my nose pressed against the window, and I’m looking out. Everything is white outside, blanketed with snow. And all the threes got a white crown. We are getting 15 cm snow today.

It is almost time to go for my walk, so I have to make it short. Santa, can You please, please bring me a companion for Christmas? I am the only dog at home. Another dog or perhaps a cat would make me very, very happy.

Can You also please bring lots of presents this year? I like to open gifts. I hold the package with my paws. Then I chew on a corner of the present until I get a hole in the paper. Then I rip the present open and shred the paper to pieces. Oh, that is so much fun. My mom and dad look very happy when they see me vigorously shake my head with the wrapping paper in my mouth. I think that is the best part of Christmas. I like Christmas a lot. Please come soon, I can hardly wait.

Santa, Boxers are working dogs. So I decided to help You at Christmas. Early morning on Christmas, when You slide down the chimney, I will wait for You. I will be very quiet. So, mom and dad won’t hear me when they are sleeping.

Santa, Your cholesterol must be high from eating all those cookies from every house You visit. Instead of You eating the cookies, I will do that for You. I don’t have high cholesterol. The cookies mom and dad make are sooo good. Mom and dad are stingy. You should see how much I have to beg to just get a tiny piece of cookie. You should see me. I blow big bubbles when I slobber in anticipation of a crumb of cookie.

And for all the people and dogs in this world, can You please make COV-19 go away. Since we have COV-id, people don’t want to touch me anymore. I like sooo much to be petted. Sometimes during our walks, my mom or dad get asked what kind of dog I am. They always say I’m a Boxer and that I’m a good girl. See. When that happens, my tale is wagging very fast. I can’t help it. I’m full of anticipation, and sometimes I get petted. That is when my whole body starts shaking in the rhythm of my tale. I’m so, so happy when that happens. I want more, more, lots more.

I got to go play now.

Thank You, Santa. Please come soon.


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